• About us

PARATIRO is an initiative of the Association and Protection of Wildlife - ANIMA that is imple-mented in cooperation with the educational non-profit organization Science Communication-SciCo.

Our history

The creation of PARATIRO is an initiative of the Association and Protection of Wildlife - ANI-MA that started in October of 2014, with the financial support of EEA Grants for Greece, through the Program "We are all Citizens", managed by Bodossakis Foundation.

Initially the operation of the PARATIRO electronic platform was considered a pilot project. It was strongly welcomed by the management bodies and forestries staff, nature observers, field workers and citizens. It was received as a very useful tool, for both scientific and policy mak-ing purposes and their input for the improvement of its operation were valuable. In specific, they highlighted a number of necessary amendments and further actions in order to improve the website, to create a mobile application and make this project publicly available.

The upgrade and communication of the PARATIRO electronic platform was undertaken by Sci-Coin November of 2017, and is implemented in coοperation with ANIMAwith the financial sup-port of the GreenFund, in the context of "Natural Environment & innovative actions" Funding Program.

ANIMA, Association and Protection of Wildlife, is a non-profit organization with the primary task of therescue and rehabilitation of injured and helpless wild animals in nature, after they receive any necessary care and hospitalization.

It was founded in 2005 and its central group is comprised by veterinarians, environmentalists, foresters, lawyers, technicians of various objects, specialised NGO management executives and dozens of volunteers. ANIMA is involved in the implementation of research and ecosystem management activities, wildlife care and environmental education.

Today it has the potential to treat more than 2,000 wild animals per year. It cooperates with environmental NGOs, Public forestry, Protected Areas Management Bodies, Hunting Federations and Game Wardens, and anyone institution involved in nature conservation and protection.

SciCo (from Science Communication) is a non-profit educational organization that aims to communicate science to the general public through innovative, interactive and entertaining means. The organization was founded in 2008 in the form of a non-profit organization; it operates as a social enterprise and is staffed by scientists, academics, educators, artists and people with an interest in everyday science.

SciCo's specific objectives are to promote the overall understanding of science and technology, to strengthen the image of the researcher / scientist in society, to elicit the interest of young people in science and to raise public awareness on everyday life issues related to scientific research and discoveries. As far as the environment and its protection are concerned, SciCo is active in the field of environmental education and the communication of environmental issues.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to contribute to the environmental literacy of the citizens and to inform and communicate environmental issues related to biodiversity management, the protection of natural and residential environment and the sustainable management of natural resources. SciCo's actions have so far reached more than 150,000 people, including schools, students, young scientists and the general public.

The "PARATIRO" project is financially supported by the Green Fund in the context of "Natural Environment & innovative actions" Funding Program, in the "Environmental Management Actions" Axis /"Innovative Actions with citizens" Measure/ "Information, training and awareness raising actions for the general public or/and special population groups" Sub-Measure.  SciCo - SCIENCE COMMUNICATION is the beneficiary of the project, and the budget is 50,000 euros.